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Community Health International

Holistic 'Health & Wellbeing' Self Management Concepts & Systems

When our wellbeing improves we can experience expansion, calm and peace

Our Approach to Self Care

We create a supportive space in which people can self-evaluate using our photographic image based tool Selfawellness ©. They can decide what they can do for themselves and what advice and guidance they need from others, in order to plan with awareness and act freely with family, colleagues and organisations.

Selfawellness © In a Community Setting - A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

People may have been referred via the Coffee Referral Voucher system, from a health care professional, local organisation, community member through self referral.

This commonly would result in a volunteer or support worker in the community setting sitting down with them over a cup of tea. Typical exchanges may include ‘If only I could do …….’ , ‘If only I knew how to ……….’ and ‘ If I could just find out where ……..’ .

All of this dialogue would be woven into aspects of their daily life story or the longer term and often life changing impacts of living with a specific condition. And this would include how it was affecting the individual and possibly their immediate family and friends.

Story of Annie

Customisable Care using Community Resources.

One of the strengths of Selfawellness © is its ability to be customised for use with different client groups such as older people, veterans & reservists, young people, people suffering with different health conditions, children and families and many more groups that represent community.

There are numerous ways in which Selfawellness © can be adapted and customised that extend far beyond the health and social care applications.

When people take part in customisation of Selfawellness © – they take greater ownership and control back for their wellbeing. This is a cost effective intervention and can often lead to greater autonomy in other areas of peoples’ lives as an outcome.

7 Steps to Community Customisation of Selfawellness-leading towards

Empowered Community Wellbeing