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Community Health International

Holistic 'Health & Wellbeing' Self Management Concepts & Systems

Our Team

Our Team

Sally Hill - Project Manager - C.H.I.

Sally is the co-founder of C.H.I. and is the Project Manager and Co-designer.

She has worked in many relevant environments for the C.H.I. vision including, health and social care, water based therapies - for which she has published research on Floatation Spa Therapy. Sally has worked for over 15 years developing community led projects for statutory services and in community development - including the arena of social housing.

Sally has worked consistently with people in communities and has forged great connections with those who can bring about strategic change and endorsement of individuals and community strengths, in their own wellbeing journeys.

Sally’s versatility and leadership has ensured that C.H.I is an organisation providing opportunities for social change - through cost effective and holistic solutions to those offering support and to those receiving support.

Sally speaking at the 20 years Celebration

of ‘Liquid Sound’ 2013 and where 3D Immersive Dome is being explored.

The Team & the Experts around the Vision

Our Team & Some of the Experts we have worked with

Simon Chapple - Software Design Engineer for Selfawellness ©

Stefan van Hooft – Technical Support & Design

Dr Professor Karl Ludwig Resch – Physical & Medical Rehabilitation

Catherine Hargaden – Occupational Therapist – Advisor to C.H.I

Professor Paul Dieppe – Professor of Health & Wellbeing University of Exeter

Mark Axler, Director – MAON Limited - Strategic planning and market positioning of C.H.I in its role in social change

Dr David Waddilove - Health & Social Care Research & Advice

Marion Schneider – Owner of Liquid Sound @ Toskana Therme, Support for veteran cohort visit to Toskana Therme 2013.

Micky Remann – Liquid Sound @ Toskana Therme, Support for veteran cohort visit to Toskana Therme 2013

Our veteran pilot work has been supported by:

Special thanks to both Veteran Pilot Cohorts and the Six Rifles Forces FV2. ForcesVeteransforVeterans

Surf Action

Richard Swarbrick NHS England – Lead Armed Forces & MoD Health Transition

Funding support and Speaker @ C.H.I Veteran Led Conference 2013

Our early work

Dr Charlotte Paterson - Early Development Advisor for Selfawellness ©

A special thanks for selected images supplied by Simon Duncan