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Community Health International

Holistic 'Health & Wellbeing' Self Management Concepts & Systems

Co-creating Broader Horizons for Community Health & Wellbeing

Our Approach at C.H.I.

Since 2005 we have carried out national pilot work and co-designing with communities, where the 'locus' of control is with the individual and the community in self-care and self-management. It is empathic to the

‘Asset Based Community Development’ approach.

Our Mission

Community Health International (C.H.I.) began in 2005 as a not for profit organisation with philanthropic and community based objectives.

C.H.I. was founded on and inspired by people with wide ranging and difficult daily circumstances. Our opportunities to co-design and co-deliver with people who understand the effect of compromised health and wellbeing, for many reasons, have been both humbling and productive.

Added to the chance to work with those with great experience, skill and influence towards strategic change - it has become a holistic formula for creative co-production. 

Our Unique Community Rehabilitation Approach

Our 3 Phase model and vision aims to support people living with impacts of long-term conditions and their families or where circumstances are impacting on everyones’ daily life.

Phases 1 & 2

The Community Café Concept

The Coffee Voucher Referral system

The hybrid support worker / broker role of Community Enabler

The Selfawellness System © supporting community resourced Self-Care

Community led Outreach models for relaxation, potential pain relief and recovery

Phases 3

A vision for a large scale community facility incorporating water based and land-based accessible therapeutic interventions offering relaxation and recreation for all ages.

Coffee Voucher Referral system

Our Projects & Expertise

During our pilot work, we have consulted with and co-designed our models with diverse groups representing:

Young people, veterans and reservists, older people, families, people living with mental health impacts and physical disabilities.

C.H.I has become highly experienced in: community consultation and co-design with different user groups and in working in co-production with strategic partners

For more information – please go to Projects & Resources to access reports and C.H.I knowledge transfer

Our Ultimate Vision

At C.H.I. - we have our own unique '3 Phase' vision for community health to be rolled out through the UK and where communities can be involved in supporting their own low level, adjunct rehabilitation, recovery and wellbeing.

In 2013 - A group of veterans experienced the beautiful Toskana Therme environment.

Shown here - a session in ‘Aqua Wellness’

At Toskana Therme - the calming effects of floating in the silky supportive thermal waters, surrounded by beautiful lighting and under-water sound effects and looking out on nature – can provide the chance for recovery and relaxing ‘time out’ for a whole family who may be living with the effects of disability and or trauma.

From the onset in 2005 - C.H.I. has worked together with Professor Karl-Ludwig Resch as their Medical Advisor in Physical and Medical Rehabilitation and water-based interventions, from the onset in 2005.

Professor Resch introduced C.H.I. to Marion Schneider and Micky Remann, who are co-owners of the 'Liquid Sound' system at the stunning 'Toskana Therme', Bad Sulza. Much of the inspiration for the C.H.I.’s Phase 2 and 3 models and vision, to support people living with long-term conditions, effects of trauma and the need to relax and recover - came from the initial visit.

To this end - C.H.I. has worked with a team including Professor Resch, Marion Schneider and Micky Remann and most recently Professor Paul Dieppe - towards a goal to bring such facilities to the U.K, aimed at combining everything together with Phase 3 of C.H.I’s vision for a ‘National Centre of Excellence’ in Holistic Recovery and Wellbeing.

Bringing it all together

Jeremy McCarthy – Director of Global Spa Operations

“I would like to see more convergence in the Health and Wellness Industry with more places for healing that are scientific in their approach, holistic in their scope and nurturing in their delivery. There are very few entities that live in this sweet spot “

Examples of the customisation of Selfawellness © for different user & community groups.

C.H.I. 'Veteran Led Services' Conference - April 2013

A C.H.I Skills for Care funded National Pilot - Piloting a potential community based - Veteran/Reservist led Service using – Selfawellness © resulted in C.H.I hosting a National Conference on the outcomes of the two pilot projects aimed at informing the Armed Forces and wider veteran community – April 2013.

Our vision is that all of the models, systems and facilities, we hope to co - develop will offer those who have incurred trauma or live with compromised health can enjoy holistic and rejuvenating experiences together.

The work with the veteran groups has been instrumental in progressing this inclusive vision forward for all communities.

The following audios accessible here – support that reality.

Professor of Rheumatology - Paul Dieppe

University of Exeter

Emertius Professor of Health & Wellbeing

C.H.I. Veteran Led Services Conferences - April 2013

Professor Dr. med. Karl Ludwig Resch

German Institute for Health Research

Richard Swarbrick

National Lead Armed Forces & MoD Health Transition, Armed Forces Commissioning. NHS England

Richard Swarbrick - talking at the C.H.I. Veteran Led Services Conferences - April 2013

A heart-warming additional outcome: The veteran peer group who took part in the Selfawellness © veteran pilot, went on to form their own organisation ‘FV2 Forces veteransforveterans’ – now a registered charity, which has since supported many more veterans living in the community.

Next Steps

CHI aims to co-design together with communities, responsive community ‘owned’ models and low cost systems that contribute to appropriate improved health and wellbeing and quality of life.

'Co-design at the community level to mitigate chronic health problems through early intervention'.

Design for Care, Innovating Healthcare Experience - by Peter H Jones.

At C.H.I. we have our own concept - 'Health is a circle and not a straight line'.

By this we mean that we have witnessed how often things that affect us …. go in cycles.

Our model shown here - supports this concept.

We aim to help the community through their own customisation of Selfawellness © to support with the following:

  • Create positive cycles of change
  • Find the resources to manage the difficult cycles better ... and often from within their own community

C.H.I has been invited to be one of the Third Sector participants in the South West NHS England Pilots for the Integrated Personalisation Demonstrator Programme. This will enable more individual and charitable organisations to use Selfawellness © for personalisation of care and community support.

A new and exciting project in formation; Nature, Wellbeing and Rehabilitation

C.H.I. is in the process of planning a project with leading partners. It will be based in the Areas of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) in the Blackdowns and the Quantocks. This will involve offering chances for young people and people who have incurred difficult life experiences, to enjoy learning new skills or applying current skills in nature conservation and preservation of the countryside.

This promises to be an exciting ‘rehabilitation for people through nature’ project - please do let us know if you are interested in learning more.