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Community Health International

Holistic 'Health & Wellbeing' Self Management Concepts & Systems

C.H.I. Our Steps to Inclusive Community Wellbeing

Our Focus

Community Health International's focus is on 'people centred approaches' in health and wellbeing.

Step by step - we are piloting and co-creating appropriate holistic 'toolkits' that are 'people centred' and which offer often localised solutions or increased choice for individuals and communities, in enhancing their health and wellbeing.

'Health journeys are self educating - people evolve as they learn in stages of struggle, understanding, acceptance and self management' - Design for Care - Innovating Healthcare Experience by Peter H. Jones.

C.H.I. has created its own unique '3 Phase' Vision and Models based on national pilot work carried out since 2005 and through working with communities.

Each phase has something to offer for people living in their communities who are impacted by long-term conditions or circumstances that compromise their daily life. 

Our current models include:

Phases 1 & 2

  • The Community Café Concept
  • The Coffee Voucher Referral system
  • The hybrid support worker / broker role of Community Enabler
  • The Selfawellness System © supporting community resourced Self-Care
  • Community led Outreach models for relaxation & potential pain relief and recovery

Phase 3

  • C.H.I. has witnessed the power of facilities that enables families to enjoy essential time to relax all together, especially if there have been traumatic impacts on a family member/s. Through such inspiration and careful step by step development - C.H.I.'s 'Ultimate Vision' is for a large scale community facility, incorporating water and land based, accessible, relaxation and therapeutic experiences for families and people of all ages, whatever their individual needs.

Coffee Voucher Referral System

C.H.I.'s versatile system called Selfawellness © - is suited to many diverse applications